Now You Can Make Money Referring People to My National Publicity Summit, April 22nd-25th New York City


Steve Harrison


It's Steve Harrison from the National Publicity Summit and Bradley Communications Corp.

As a National Publicity Summit Alumni, do you know someone who has a topic you know would be of interest to the media who attend the National Publicity Summit?

Many of you have asked if we have an affiliate program in place for the Summit because you know someone you'd like to refer and you'd like to be able to earn a commission. I have great news. For the first time, we have set up an affiliate program strictly for National Publicity Summit Alumni, and you will make $500 for every registration you generate.

Remember, we're only looking for people with good topics. You've been to the Summit in the past and you have a sense of what kind of media we have and we're only looking for people that you think would be of interest to them. Many of our National Publicity Summit attendees have historically been authors, but they certainly do not have to have a book out or even a book in the works. We're just looking for people who would be of interest to the media who who come.

  • WAY YOU PROFIT -- You'll make $500.00 for every paid attendee you generate for my National Publicity Summit conference in April 2009.  As a National Publicity Summit Alumni, you know the value of being able to personally meet top producers and journalists from major media outlets such as CNN, Live With Regis & Kelly, Today Show, ABC's The View, Time, People, Entrepreneur, Woman's World and other top publications and radio/TV shows.

Your affiliate check will be mailed on May 15th for National Publicity Summit registrations you generate.

How it works: sign up below and you will receive an email with an affiliate website with a unique code, which allows us to track all the sales you generate -- and pay you for them. Send this web link out in an email, and if anyone signs up for the Summit through your unique code, we'll know to send you your commission.

Please note: We do not pay commissions on Summit registrations from affiliates themselves. That is, you can't sign up as an affiliate and personally buy through your own link. Similarly we don't pay commissions on existing customers (people who've already bought from us). Please see "Notes" below for further information.

Interested?  To receive all the details, simply fill out the form below and you'll receive a return email almost instantly.

If you have any questions, contact our Affiliate Coordinator Dorothy Petry at DorothyP @  (just eliminate space before and after the @ sign)

YES, please enroll me in your affiliate program and send me all the details, terms and my unique affiliate tracking URL.


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1) For the National Publicity Summit, we're only allowing 100 people to attend because while obviously want to make money, we want to ensure that all the attendees get their money's worth and get enough one- on-one time with as many of the media folks as
2) To ensure a "level playing field" for all affiliates and JV partners, you can't sell any of our offerings at a discount, offer commission rebates or other incentives to get people to buy from you directly, unless we approve such offers. Similarly you may only market to opt-in mailing
lists of individuals who've given you permission to communicate with them (no spamming!). Any affiliate who violates this will forfeit any commissions and we won't honor any registrations they generate.
3) If we get duplicate leads -- that is if one person inquires through two different affiliates/JV partners, we award the commission to the first affiliate/JV partner who generated a lead from that person.
4) If someone has a topic we don't feel will be of interest to our attending media, we reserve the right to turn down their attendance application. The most likely case is if a potential attendee's topic is super-technical and there's no way to find a broader angle.  Most of our attending media are consumer-oriented.
5) If one of your leads doesn't buy for this Summit, we will market to them again for the next Summit and you will of course receive your commission if they register for that event instead.