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Dear Friend and Colleague:


One article in a major newspaper or magazine could change your life forever.  If you’re serious about seeing your sales soar and creating “buzz” around yourself and what you’re promoting, join me for a FREE 90-minute telephone seminar on The Seven Things You Absolutely Must Know to Get Publicity In Major Magazines and Newspapers this  Thursday, August 19th at your choice of two times: either 2 pm Eastern (11 am Pacific) or 7 pm Eastern (4 pm Pacific).


Whether you're a publicity novice or seasoned publicist, you're sure to learn strategies on this call you've never heard before about scoring major print publicity. In addition to me, you'll learn from an array of special guests including two former editors from Woman’s Day and Woman's World, a top business writer who does stories for Inc., a New York Times bestselling author and four other entrepreneurs/authors who share how they got publicity in such places as Cosmopolitan, New York Times, Entrepreneur, Parents, Family Circle, Wall St. Journal and many other top publications.   I really hope you can make it because you'll discover:

  • The three biggest mistakes most people make trying to get publicity in magazines and newspapers.
  • Understanding the mindset of top magazine writers and editors.
  • Secrets from the woman who was so good at getting advance publicity her book hit the New York Times Best Seller List BEFORE her publication date.
  • How to know months in advance when journalists will be working on a story about your topic.
  • A very clever way to use Google to get major press quickly and easily.
  • An incredibly simple strategy for scoring an Associated Press story about you that runs in dozens of newspapers across the United States.
  • Why conventional press releases are usually not the best thing to send journalists and what to send instead.
  • What's the best way to contact journalists when you can't meet them personally? Via fax? Email? Phone?
  • How to spin a small story into a much larger feature for yourself.
  • and MUCH MORE! 

FREE Telephone Seminar.  There’s no cost to participate in this 90-minute telephone seminar except your normal long distance charges (same as if you were calling Aunt Edna in Minnesota) because it’s sponsored by my company, Bradley Communications Corp.  You'll also get a free subscription to my email newsletter packed with publicity and profitable publishing tips. You may unsubscribe anytime and of course I’ll always respect your email privacy.


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