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FROM:  Steve Harrison

Dear Friend and Colleague:

Have you ever seen someone in your field getting a lot more national media attention than you, even though your credentials and content are every bit as good -- maybe even better?

Do you ever wish you could just break through and land your first (or next) really big appearance on a national TV show or feature in a major magazine?

Are you ready to stop watching others get all the national press, speaking engagements, book deals and word-of-mouth buzz -- all because they're simply good at promoting themselves?

If so, it's time for you to learn the strategies of what I call the "publicity superstars" - authors, experts, entrepreneurs and others who are able to land big-time media coverage again-and-again because they play the publicity game in a very different way than almost  everyone else. Most people play like little leaguers but publicity superstars are in the majors. Learn their strategies and maybe you can be in the majors too.

To discover what the publicity superstars do differently, join me on Tuesday, June 23rd for a very special webinar (or telephone seminar). You'll learn 12 specific things you can do to get a whole lot more media coverage for whatever you're promoting, such as:

  • Advice from a former NBC producer who booked guests for the Today Show and Dateline NBC on how to become a regular guest on national TV and/or even get offered your own show (think Dr. Phil).
  • How to brand yourself for the media in a way that celebrates your uniqueness while also separating you from all the other experts in your field.
  • A clever thing Robert Kiyosaki did to catapult sales for his bestselling book "Rich Dad Poor Dad."
  • What Dave did to generate over $100,000.00 in sales from one radio interview
  • The two types of stories you need to tell if you want to sell more on radio shows.
  • What Andrea did to get on Fox News Channel repeatedly.
  • Three things Donald Trump does to speak in compelling sound bites.
  • How Jennifer became a regularly-featured lifestyle expert on Fox News Channel and the Early Show as well as scoring coverage in hundreds of print media outlets including O the Oprah Magazine, Redbook, US Weekly, Success and Entrepreneur plus how she used this coverage to catapult her business to sales of over $10 million/year. 
  • Publicity strategies you can glean from watching Donald Trump, Suze Orman and Dr. Oz.
  • Why most authors and experts fail to make the leap from just getting local publicity to scoring big-time national media coverage.
  • Why your credentials don't matter as much as you might think, but what DOES matter when the media is deciding whether or not to feature you.
  • "The Book Plus Strategy" and how an unknown self-published author used it to become a regular on radio, making a six-figure income doing phone interviews.
  • The hook that helped a nutritionist score so much media coverage it generated over $60 million in sales of his books and information products.
  • and MORE

Click here now to join me on Tuesday, June 23rd at either 2:00 pm EST (11:00 am Pacific) OR 7:00 pm EST (4:00 pm Pacific).  

I really hope you can make my free webinar (or telephone seminar) because I know you'll learn a lot!

All the best,
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Steve Harrison